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3 of the Best Keto Kid Friendly Recipes: From Sloppy Joes to Candy They’ll Love

Okay. I get asked all the time how I can get my kids to eat healthier. It’s not that tough if you make the best kid-friendly recipes around! Here are 3, sure-to-please even the pickiest kid recipes that I love, from sloppy-joes to ‘fries’ to dessert, I’ve got you covered! 

If you are struggling to get your kids healthy, here are some great tips:

Tell them, “Not every day is your birthday!” 

While I like to let my kids have sugar and treat occasionally, for the most part, they eat pretty clean and whenever they complain, I remind them that not every day is your birthday! A great reminder for us adults too is that we don’t have to use food to treat ourselves and there are plenty of healthy options that we can enjoy every day. 

Make them part of the food prep. 

I love to get my kids helping me prepare meals. That way they can see what goes into food, and learn one of the most important life skills there is. Kids will often be drawn to eat their ‘creations’ as well, so let them go to town and make their own food! 

Teach them where food really comes from. 

When we grow our own food and get kids involved, something magical happens. They learn to appreciate food and will love exploring all varieties of veggies and fruit. There’s something so satisfying about picking fresh tomatoes and peppers from your garden and if your kids are anything like mine, they will be proud of what they harvested and grew and want to eat them too!

Make kid-friendly versions of your meals. 

Any healthy meal can be made more kid-friendly with a little creativity. Cut up sandwiches into smaller bites, put food on sticks (they love food lollipops), make food colorful and fun and your kids will eat it! 

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