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How I Mixed Up My Running Routine to Make It FUN

B+C Studios in partnership with Nike

Hi y’all! Brit Morin here, founder of Brit + Co. I recently teamed up with Nike to test out their new Joyride Run Flyknit running shoes while I took on another #GiveItAWeek challenge to run — and make it FUN. Why, you ask? Well, I like to run but it can be so boring. (I know I’m not alone in saying that!) So this time around, I wanted to see if trying a new type of run each day could help me mix it up and feel excited about running again. I shared my whole journey on Instagram Stories @brit too. Here’s how it went and what I learned.

Day 1: Base Run

I started out with a 5K base run to figure out my jogging pace and see how I’d improve after a week of training. Two things made it easy-ish: running flat roads and my new Joyrides. They have this really cool cushioning system (thousands of tiny beads!) that make them really comfortable for running since they effectively mold around your feet.

My time: 8:36 but who’s counting?

Day 2: Intervals

My goal was to make running fun again with intervals, which are basically short bursts followed by slower speeds. I tried the audio-guided interval workout from the @nikerunning app, which was a just-right challenge. The Joyrides were AWESOME for running sprints — so much spring in my step!

And all it took were 20 minutes to feel like a million bucks.

Day 3: Hills

There are so many benefits to running hills: there’s less impact on your joints, they force you to run with better form (something I always feel self-conscious about) and they help you build strength, speed, and endurance. Also, QUADS.

Pro tip: Taylor Swift playlists make running hills WAY more fun.

Also: the Nike Joyrides were so bouncy that they made it easier to run up even (or especially) really steep upgrades.

Day 4: Meditation Run

I was so up for this challenge. Feeling energized and relaxed all at once? Sign me up! I kicked it off with my new favorite app: the @nikerunning and @headspace audio collab. Seriously, more people should know about it. They guide you through a meditation and run together with part talking and part music. I tried the one that was all about relieving stress and as a mom of two young boys and a CEO, let me say… I needed it.

Twenty minutes later, I found my zen and the sun — what a way to start the day!

Day 5: Intervals on the Treadmill

Today’s goal? Make treadmill workouts less boring! I started with a super-simple interval on the treadmill: a two-minute run at 8mph followed by a one-minute walk at 4mph x 10 repeats. The time went by so fast that I decided to lift weights post-run. Do I get bonus points? [insert muscle emoji]

I really loved running on the treadmill in my Joyrides. Once again… so springy. I’m really getting obsessed with these kicks.

Day 6: Rest Day

I gave my legs a break, but really loved reading up on all of the responses to my challenge. So many of you joined me! Here are a few of my faves:

Day 7: Back to Base Run

Okay, it was the moment of truth. What did a week of training do for my run time? Well, it for sure made me feel more excited about running and feeling stronger (and eating healthier, ahem) throughout the day. A run through wine country on a 75-degree day in my brand-new Nike Joyrides had me feeling good and ready. And the results? Drumroll: I cut off :30 seconds off my time! Here’s how I felt about that:

So what did I learn after a week of running?

  1. It only takes 20 minutes a day to feel incredibly awesome throughout the day.
  2. Trying new paths keeps it interesting.
  3. Wearing comfy shoes designed for running makes a DIFFERENCE.
  4. Listening to good music takes the focus away from the finish line.
  5. Having fun with it and believing that you CAN is all you need to keep on going.

Am I still running? You bet. I hope you are too.

Happy trails!