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No Sitter for Valentine’s Day? 8 Last-Minute Family Activities You’ll All Love

Feb. 14th is one of those days of the year when it becomes nearly impossible to book a babysitter. No sitter? No problem! Turn a romantic date night into a super fun family night with bonding activities that will bring you all closer — and who knows, you may even kick off a new tradition.

Host a Fondue Night

Put a spin on Friday night pizza night with a fondue pot. Try out this grilled cheese fondue recipe kids and adults will both xoxo and for dessert whip up a s’mores fondue. Um, can we come over?

Dress Up for a Family Date Night

How much do kids love to dress up? And how little do parents get to? Go fancy with your crew for a dinner night out at your favorite local restaurant — the more casual the spot the better!

DIY Something Fun

Make flower crowns from a Valentine’s bouquet, make a cute DIY mailbox for all of the cards they scored at school, or make ribbon wands with glittery hearts instead of stars.

Make Breakfast for Dinner

Kids love a twist on dinner. These Red Velvet Heart Waffles With Cream Cheese Glaze are a once-a-year dinner you can feel good about and the kids will ADORE.

DIY Your Own Valentine Chocolates

Prep the slow cooker for a sweet night in. Set up a candy bar of chocolate bars, hard candy and toppings like sprinkles and have kids make their own chocolate candy, slow cooker style!

Get Cozy for a Movie Marathon

Make the living room all cozy, find a love-themed, age-appropriate Netlfix movie (here are some Disney ideas for little ones) and pop some corn with a flavorful twist.

Have a Game Night

Turn off the devices and pull out your favorite games and battle it out. Invite another family to join, serve some small nibbles and cook up a hot chocolate bar with flavorful fixings.

Rock Out to Karaoke

Nothing brings families together more than music, right? Go out to a karaoke hangout or put on some tunes at home to get the singing party started. Put a love spin on it with a romantic song theme. The cheesier the better!

Happy Valentine’s Day!