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How Distance Reiki Can Help Heal Your Mind/Body/Soul from Afar

If you’ve never tried Reiki healing it can seem sort of unbelievable the first time. The idea that someone can not even touch you but send this healing energy, a heat and tingling sensation, through your body can seem totally bizarre but also awakening. And what’s even more amazing is that Reiki can be practiced with a healer miles away. “Reiki can be done by hovering over the patient’s body, by healing touch, or by sending energy across the time/space continuum,” says Giselle Wasfie, a doctor in Chinese Medicine and founder of REMIX Lifestyle. “If all that sounds too woo-woo, you can think of Distance Reiki as a prayer someone is sending you.”

That prayer can help you clear your mind, reduce anxiety and physical pain, help you feel more balanced emotionally and even help you sleep better. “The body works like nature. If it’s nourished and balanced, it will do what it naturally needs to do, or is programmed to do,” says Wasfie. In fact, studies have shown that Reiki can help lower blood pressure and stress hormones and increase your immunity. It’s used in some hospitals across the country to help patients relax before treatments and ease pain.

So how does it work? First, set yourself up at home for what might be a meditation: sit on your carpet, yoga mat, bed or sofa, wherever you feel comfortable, shoes off, meditative music if you’re into it. “If you like, a quick cleansing ritual such as burning sage or something as simple as lighting a candle or lighting incense even, can set the tone — don’t worry if you don’t have these things, it’s more about intention, so even eyes closed deep breathing to try to clear your mind is great,” says Wasfie.

You can try to self-reiki or, probably better, meet with a Reiki healer by video or phone call. “I like to have my client’s set an intention before a session, whether I am seeing them in person or “sending” them Reiki. It can help to ease the mind, which often blocks us from what we want, and which then prevents the body from flowing,” says Wasfie.

Once you’ve had a chat and set your intention, it’s time to get to work. “Reiki practitioners receive a “distance symbol” that raises their vibration, so that they can “send” reiki healing energy to patients in faraway places,” says Wasfie. While you lay in your comfy place for about 20 minutes the practitioner visualizes aligning your chakras, going down the body. “As your chakras align during a session — whether in person or from a distance — you can often feel different areas of warmth along your body, or see color visuals, or fall and out, or into a sleep-like state, and experiencing a vivid dream or images. There is no absolute or expectation, as each patient experiences Reiki differently. You will receive exactly what you need,” says Wasfie.

Wonder if Reiki works as well in-person or from a distance? Wasfie says it’s just as effective from afar. “Thoughts are powerful, prayers are powerful, and Distance Reiki uses elements of both intentional thoughts and prayers, and energy medicine, to create healing and support,” she adds.

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