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Real Talk: Time to Talk About M-O-N-E-Y

Well, well, well… another week, another taboo topic I thought I’d bring up with you. This time, it’s one we are all too familiar with: money.

Last week, I sent out a very brief survey about money and employment, two things at the forefront of my mind right now during the global pandemic and recession. And while I knew the numbers would be bad, I was *not* expecting to see that HALF of you all reported being either unemployed or furloughed. With the national unemployment rate at 15% and more women than men being let go of their jobs, I think it’s time we band together to help one another.

At the end of the day, it’s a complex subject that can be simplified to the following equation: we must learn to SAVE our money in smarter ways while learning to MAKE more money in new ways.

Brit + Co already has some fabulous tips about how to save money (more on that below), but I’ve come to realize we aren’t doing everything we can to help you learn how to make more money. I’d like to change that.

I have some thoughts up my sleeve, but if you have two minutes to spare, I would be incredibly grateful for your feedback on one more survey on money and business. All respondents will get a special surprise in return! I’ll share more about where this is all headed very soon. Until then, read on and let’s get smarter about money together.

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Is money a taboo topic in your household? What are the biggest dilemmas you’re currently facing around the topic? Shoot me a note ( or DM us on Instagram (@britandco or @brit) and let’s chat about it.