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3…2…1—Sephora Just Dropped Its First Batch of 2020 Launches
view post 3…2…1—Sephora Just Dropped Its First Batch of 2020 Launches

A new decade has officially begun and even though rent is due, I’m being somewhat irresponsible and indulging in retail

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The first time Chrissy King walked into a health club, she made a beeline for the cardio machines. “I felt

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Indian saffron. Haldi. Turmeric root. Curcuma longa. Holy powder. The golden spice. Whatever name you know turmeric by, this gnarled

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Let me paint a picture for you. It’s a self-portrait (I’m not much of an artist so mind the stick

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As the calendar transitions into 2020, I find myself setting intentions for the year (and years) ahead. I see it

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