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Many diet programs boast quick-fix detoxes. Juice cleanses and “skinny tea” laxatives promise rapid weight loss and vibrant energy —

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Trail running is not just running off-road. By stepping out of your local concrete jungle and onto the varied terrain

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These sourdough cookies are naturally fermented so they are easy to make and easy to digest. They’re also a great

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“Get out, be brave, and explore the world.” That’s Mario Rigby’s advice, and it’s something he’s put into practice in

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This giveaway ends April 21, 2020. A winner will be notified a few days later. Sign up for your chance

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Halo extensions are a new method of hair extensions, which allows you to add volume and length to your current

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It’s little wonder that most of us suffer from financial anxiety at some point in our lives. Recent surveys have

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It’s so frustrating to be in the middle of cooking and realize you don’t have a needed ingredient on hand.

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Bidets are no longer a novel bathroom device you get to exclusively experience of European and Japanese vacations. Alas, it’s

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The pursuit to find a long-wearing liquid lipstick that doesn’t require the high-maintenance hourly touch-ups or dry out your lips

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From Jenny from the Block to A-list movie star, Jennifer Lopez has come a long way since the ’90s. We

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“Playing with makeup I think is a good way to stay entertained,” says Miley Cyrus in her Instagram Live makeup

The Minimalist Workout
view post The Minimalist Workout

Access to a well-equipped health club makes sticking to a workout regimen easier. But sometimes getting to the gym just

DIY Myofascial Release
view post DIY Myofascial Release

Try some of the following exercises to ease tension. Activities that include long and sweeping patterns, full extension of the

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It’s ironic, I suppose, that the people who most urgently need to isolate themselves during the current pandemic are also

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Trying to stay indoors? Here are eight recipes you may be able to make using what you already have on

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Some people use herbal remedies to help manage acute stressors, but sustained anxiety relief usually requires a multitiered approach. Integrative

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As someone who loves to eat and hates to cook, I admit that I can only enjoy cereal and basic

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While nothing may rival a frothy latte from your local coffee shop, this daily caffeine fix can certainly add up

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BTS members are known by several names: their real name, their stage name and the many nicknames that fans come