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When my hair is freshly blown out and my lashes are fluttery, I feel downright unstoppable. When either of them

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Food poisoning is obviously no fun. “At first you feel like you’re going to die,” says a friend of mine

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Say hello to the new face of Disney! Harry Styles’ The Little Mermaid Prince Eric casting has been revealed, so fans

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Whether you’re always traveling or you just have one too many makeup palettes (that would be me), there’s a new

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Move over selfies, there’s a new form of self-love in town. Belfies, otherwise known as “butt selfies,” have recently taken

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Possible Causes: Nose picking, dry air, blood thinners, high blood pressure, allergies, antihistamines, and, rarely, liver disease or nasal tumors

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Boar bristle hair brushes are the gold standard type thanks to their soft touch and laundry list of hair-enhancing benefits.

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The silver-blonde — and even ash grey hair — color trend definitely peaked a couple of years ago, and while

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Zara’s never exactly lacking in the innovation department, but their recently launched Edited collection is one of our favorite drops

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Yooo! We weren’t expecting this. This Riverdale revelation about Polly and The Farm makes so much sense. We have no

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Recently on Twitter, I saw a New York City news account post how many weekends of summer are left until

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I came of age in the late 1960s, when recreational drug use was a sign of countercultural solidarity, so for

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Microneedling has been a common an in-office procedure used by facialists and dermatologists for several years, but recently it’s become

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If you’re like me, the best way to get me to remember to take all my vitamins and nutritional supplements

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Breakfast aficionado or not, I’m willing to bet you’ve never tried your hand at slow-cooker pancakes before. And, that’s fair

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As I lay out today’s outfit, a mini sundress and towering open-toe heels, I’m reminded that my days of wearing

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Not only is this weekend Beautycon Los Angeles, the debut of Glow Season 3 on Netflix and you know, flawless

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After less than a year of marriage, and more than ten years together–the couple we thought would be in it

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Once in a while, a human rights violation so egregious occurs that the world can’t bear to look away. Many

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Fall is quickly approaching (although the weather does not feel like it’ll cool off any time soon) and that means one