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view post Pickled Green Beans – Quick and Easy Canning Recipe

Spicy pickled green beans are a recipe that bring back memories of growing up on the farm, like pickled beets.

10 Fool-Proof Sneaker + Dress Combo Templates to Copy
view post 10 Fool-Proof Sneaker + Dress Combo Templates to Copy

My journey to accepting the notion that sneakers had officially become a fashionable footwear staple was, admittedly, a long one.

view post Taylor Swift Just Dropped Her Music Video For ‘Lover’ & It’s So Pretty

Hi, it’s here, the romantic ballad of our time. Taylor Swift’s “Lover” music video tweet reactions are perfect. The video

view post My Aura’s Already Vibin’ With This Tarot-Inspired M.A.C. x Pony Collection

If you’re not familiar with Park Hye-Min, a.k.a. Pony, you’re about to be. She’s one of South Korea’s most popular

view post This Is the Most Unique Hairstyle We’ve Seen on Cara Delevingne

Last night was the Los Angeles premiere for the Amazon Prime-exclusive show Carnival Row. Model/actor Cara Delevingne is one of the

view post Welp—Taylor Swift’s ‘Lover’ Was Leaked Early Today & Fans Are Not Happy

So we’re a little confused. Lover was supposed to be released on August 23 (AKA tomorrow, or midnight tonight). But

view post Game Changer: Tony Gonzalez

He grew up to be one of the best tight ends to ever strap on an NFL helmet. But Tony

view post How to Make Energy Bars

  INGREDIENTS Mix and match ingredients within each category to reach the total measurement. Base Ingredients: 1 cup rolled oats

view post 19 Plus-Size Party Dresses to Score on Sale Right Freakin’ Now

I don’t know about you, but when I show up to an event, I like to be the best-dressed person

view post Zoë Kravitz Just Created a Gorgeous Lipstick Collection With YSL

When it was announced Zoë Kravitz was to become a YSL Beauté Global Makeup and Fragrance Ambassador, it wasn’t surprising at

view post 29 Gorgeous Maxi Dresses to Cure Your End-of-Summer Blues

If there’s one thing we hate about summer, it’s the fact that it ends. The death of summer means the

view post Olive & June’s Fall Nail Polishes Are Named After Badass Female Founders

We love when women support other women. That’s what founder Sarah Gibson Tuttle is doing with the Olive & June’s

view post Cole Sprouse Had The Most Hilarious Clapback After Being Accused Of Photoshopping His Pics

This Riverdale star knows how to respond to trolls. Cole Sprouse’s clapback after photoshop accusations has us LOLing. Apparently, while

view post GIVEAWAY: Plastic-Free Lunch Kit

This giveaway ends September 24, 2019. A winner will be notified a few days later. Name* First Last Email* Your

view post What to Know About Dry Shampoo If You Have Textured Hair

Fall down a Reddit rabbit hole, and you’re bound to stumble upon some intense debates about dry shampoo. People are

view post 4 Stimulating Growth Products to Put on Your Hairline Besides Edge Control

It’s time to have an honest conversation about edge control. For as long as we can remember, black women have

view post Millie Bobby Brown Is Only 15 and Has Her Own Beauty Brand

What were you doing at 15 years old? I was definitely at the mall or maybe doing homework—not launching a

view post These Leave-In Products Are Basically a Tall Glass of Water for Dry Natural Hair

You’re deep conditioning weekly, getting regular hair trims, and sleeping on satin pillowcases so you can finally have the hydrated,

State's Legal Moves Cause Mixed Messages on Toxic Air
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State’s Legal Moves Cause Mixed Messages on Toxic Air

In recent weeks, state officials have been moving swiftly to make legal agreements with Sterigenics that, in some cases, have