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We Tried Whole Foods’ Newest (and Healthiest!) Groceries — And Some Alfredo Sauce

There’s cauliflower cereal! Here’s what we thought of everything. READ MORE…

view post 15 Family Favorites from the Slow Cooker for Back-to-School Time

These are going to slay your weekday routine! READ MORE…

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Gordon Ramsay’s Extra-Easy Tip for Scrambled Eggs

It not only makes scrambled eggs taste better, but also makes the process simpler. READ MORE…

view post Mediterranean Salad

Mediterranean salads often call for feta cheese, but I use cauliflower instead, which, of course, doesn’t taste like feta, but

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Yellow Split Pea & Butternut Soup

Butternut squash soups are traditionally very smooth, and a bit boring, in my opinion. This recipe adds some texture, with

view post Forget Cotton Candy Grapes, You Need to Try Grape Soda Grapes

They apparently taste like “purple syrup” according to Reddit, but with a tropical twist. READ MORE…

view post 9 Annoying Cleaning Tasks You Can Skip All Summer Long

These things can all wait until September! READ MORE…

view post Ginger Heart Cookies

These little ginger cookies are perfect for Valentine’s Day, or whenever you’re feeling the love—and they can be dressed up

view post Jambalaya Stew

Traditional jambalaya is full of meat and seafood, but not in this recipe! I’ve kept in the onion, bell pepper,

view post No-Bake Pumpkin Cream Pie

This pumpkin pie is a fun departure from my first pumpkin pie, which is not quite as sweet, is lower in

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Easy Curry Noodle Soup with Shrimp & Kale (Allergy Friendly!)

Here’s an allergy-friendly meal that the whole family can enjoy. This easy curry noodle soup includes shrimp and kale, and

view post Brown Rice Pilaf with Golden Raisin and Almonds

Get creative with a spin on a favorite classic. I’ve added almonds and golden raisins to this brown rice pilaf

view post Real Food at a Gas Station? (4 Unexpected Places!)

Healthier food options keep popping up in places other than just grocery stores. See what unexpected places we discovered offering

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Layered Roasted Beet & Orange Salad Recipe

Refreshing and tasty, I’ve combined beets, goat cheese, oranges, and spinach for this salad recipe. Perfect for your next outdoor

view post Life as an Organic Chicken Farmer

My interview with Elsie Cline about her family’s life as organic chicken farmers (for SVO Farmer Focus) on their Pine

view post Chili Lime Chicken

Flavorful Mexican Chili Lime Chicken in as little as 30 minutes. Bake, grill or fry and use in tacos, salads

view post Truth about Diets

What are you putting on the dinner table tonight? Making healthy food choices can be hard when you don’t know