view post Man Eats His Niece’s Kids’ Meal and Gets in Trouble. But Was He Really in the Wrong?

The playspace manager came out and yelled at the man for eating a childrens meal without ordering an adult meal.

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I’ve had a few Operator Errors, but for the most part, it’s been smooth sailing! READ MORE…

Paleo Lasagna
view post Paleo Lasagna

Paleo Lasagna A combination between beef ragú, cashew ‘béchamel’ sauce, and zucchini sheets—surprisingly tasty! And the best thing about it

Blending & Beyond
view post Blending & Beyond

Prep like a pro with these top picks for mixers, blenders and choppers for every budget. Download the chart here.

Strategies for Learning New Skills
view post Strategies for Learning New Skills

As kids and young adults, we are constantly learning new skills. Just because we get older doesn’t mean that we

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This Italian Breakfast Casserole is positively packed with flavor, including spinach, sun-dried tomatoes, Italian sausage, and artichoke hearts. It actually

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Chances are, it’s pretty grey and cold where you are. Well, Norvina is here to inject a little cheeriness into

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Parks and Recreation’s fictional politician Leslie Knope may the one responsible for the genius advent of Galentine’s Day, but the

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Awkward? Sort of fun? Who knows. Pete Davidson’s exes Kaia Gerber and Kate Beckinsale attended a Grammys 2020 party yesterday

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Lizzo—the singing, rapping, flute-playing TIME 2019 Entertainer of the Year and eight-time Grammy-nominated artist—deserved better last night. Yes, she walked

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It’s truly survival season for our skin whenever temperatures drop. Besides the fact that it’s cold outside–an understatement on some

view post Why Intermittent Fasting Isn’t Right for Everyone

Intermittent fasting (IF) may sound like a panacea, but it’s not right for everyone. Experts suggest that the following groups

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I’ve always thought it to be an odd feature of the American healthcare system that nurses play such a subordinate

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These 15 low-carb ground beef recipes are mouth-watering twists on classics that your family will love. It’s time to make weeknight

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You’ve heard me talk about the importance of optimizing our circadian rhythm with food and light, but as women there’s another

view post Beyond heart health: Could your statin help prevent liver cancer?

Liver cancer is hard to treat. It’s a top-five cause of cancer-related death worldwide and a growing cause of cancer-related

Poverty Could Drive Up Youth Suicide Risk
view post Poverty Could Drive Up Youth Suicide Risk

Children and teens in U.S. counties where 20% or more of the population lives below the federal poverty level were

Genes May Show Players at Risk for Brain Trouble
view post Genes May Show Players at Risk for Brain Trouble

Among soccer players who headed the ball the most, those with the gene mutation called the apolipoprotein E epsilon4 (APOE

Kobe Bryant Dies in Helicopter Crash
view post Kobe Bryant Dies in Helicopter Crash

The helicopter crashed just before 10 a.m. into a hillside near Calabasas, Calif., about 30 miles northwest of Los Angeles.

Air Fryer 101 (Plus Recipes to Try)
view post Air Fryer 101 (Plus Recipes to Try)

The air fryer is one of the hottest healthy cooking appliances to hit the market in recent years, and for