Over 500 Tiny ‘Teeth’ Removed From Boy’s Mouth
view post Over 500 Tiny ‘Teeth’ Removed From Boy’s Mouth

A 7-year-old boy in India arrived at a dental school hospital with a swollen jaw. Days later, he left with

How to Eat Whole-Food Plant-Based While Camping
view post How to Eat Whole-Food Plant-Based While Camping

Following a whole-food, plant-based diet in the great outdoors can be a breeze—with a little planning, that is. Just remember

view post Spiced Plum Jam (Thanks to an Easy Formula)

Savor the best of summer with this simple recipe. READ MORE…

view post If You’re Not Making Tiny Batches of Jam This Summer, You’re Missing Out

It’s so fast, needs nothing special, and makes you look like a HERO. READ MORE…

6 Foods and 3 Supplements That Prevent UTIs
view post 6 Foods and 3 Supplements That Prevent UTIs

There aren’t many infections as irritating as a recurring UTI. Significantly reduce your chances of having to deal with another

The Omega Divide
view post The Omega Divide

Think all omegas-3s are the same? We’re breaking down the differences between fish- and plant-based oils, helping you select the

How to Choose a Water-Friendly Diet
view post How to Choose a Water-Friendly Diet

Freshwater is the bloodstream of the planet, and agriculture is the world’s thirstiest consumer. Here’s why water conservation matters now

view post Are antibacterial products with triclosan fueling bacterial resistance?

When it comes to keeping clean, there could such a thing as too clean. I’ve posted before about how often people

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Here’s What Makes Pioneer Woman’s Dark Chocolate Brownies So Fudgy

The question is, how fudgy is too fudgy? READ MORE…

view post Marie Kondo Says Your Fridge Should Be 30 Percent Empty

You know not to ball up your socks, but have you heard this tip? READ MORE…

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Watch the New, Brilliant Trailer for Season 10 of “The Great British Bake Off”

Gather your soggy bottoms on the couch, kids, because it’s time. READ MORE…

view post 3 Best Keto Breakfasts: My Top Choices

When it comes to breakfast, I have to admit, these days I find it easier just to skip, or have

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Help! What’s the Best Method for Getting Grease Off My Convection Oven?

A reader asked: I have an Oster convection oven. What can I use to clean the built-up grease on top

view post Healthy Peanut Butter Banana Muffins

These healthy peanut butter banana muffins just take 5 minutes to prep and are made with no added sweetener. They

view post 10 Must Read Tips on Going Vegan

These are our top 10 tips on going vegan that we wish somebody had given us when we went plant-based!

view post The Best Workouts To Get Your Head Zen

It’s not going to come as any surprise to hear that there’s a connection between exercising and feeling happier. But

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‘Selfies’ Might Someday Track Your Blood Pressure

A new technology called transdermal optical imaging gives a picture of the blood flow in your face, which reveals your