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Close Top fitness model Ryan Terry, former Mr International winner, and USN sponsored athlete, knows the importance of having a great mid…


Abinash Singh says:

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Ujjwal Teij says:

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Ironman Younes says:

What I realy wanna know is that if I can do abs exercise daily because I have lil bit difficulties to get em ripped as I want

Power Bulking says:

he lost me when he said it was for lower abs on the leg raises. When will people learn. Either a muscle contracts or it doesn`t. And a muscle contracts as a whole.

EnglandJCB says:

So what supplements do you use? whey, creatine etc.

trapstar don says:

hates gonna hate and the bait gona lait ;)

little Timmy says:

haters gonna hate

Horse mess says:

Does the mirror look back at you?

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dnaproteinlipid says:

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Palwinder Singh says:

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Jayant Rahane says:

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Jill Valentine says:

ur so hotttttttttttttttttt

BoYULuv69 says:

Absolutely AWESOME!!!
WOW!!! Would Love to feel your unbelievable Powerful body
I’m all your’s man.

Ravinder Toor says:

Hardwork speak for itself, fuck haters

Vader Darth says:

It wasn’t my opinion, I was just saying what he said because you didn’t understand what he said…

trapstar don says:

i didnt ask for your opinion now fuck off.

Mehedi Hasan says:

Hi there, have you heard about “MuscLeader” (search on Google)? There you will find a great free video explaining how you can gain noticeable lean muscle easily while shedding body fat as well. Brian is one of the many men that had positive results utilizing this technique. Perhaps it will help you also.

Vader Darth says:

Basically he said NO! Did you read what he said? He doesn’t use steroids because he is sponsored athlete so he can’t cheat using steroids…So what I am saying is that he is not on steroids…

trapstar don says:

you didnt answer his question, is he on roids? the answer is yes.

Alvaro OM says:

Hello from Chili !!! Great Video, SUSCRITO, LIKE !

Nathan Nguyen says:

man how many years at the gym!

realdeal987 says:

this guy isn’t massive there’s a very slim chance he’s on juice

Bruno Sampaio says:

- Abdome Top de +++

Cilotje says:

no offence.. but 1 name is enough: Armstrong.
said he was clean for years.

OT: great core he has! He should train his arms a bit more i think

awesomeazoz says:

im bad with my diet and i now i have complete one year without taken a supplement protein and im looking for great shake what do you think best one is ? my BMI 20

Sarosh Sidhva says:

the thing most people make a mistake about, is the difference between fitness models (aesthetic bodybuilders) and actual bodybuilders.
bodybuilders use steroids to put on the bulk needed to expand the muscle to unnatural sizes, and just try to gain size rather than “shredding”. most fitness/aesthetic bodybuilders (can’t speak for all) are just really working hard in the weight training, while sticking to a very very little amount of bodyfat. they try to stay between 6-12% bodyfat (year round).

MrSexyNobody says:

I can watch him all day :)

AKLd95 says:

are hanging leg raises effective for developing the serratus anterior?

OdiusTV says:

I will develop good diet habits, work out consistently and live healthy. But I still could never look like this.

Bidon45 says:

Jealous of this dudes lack of stretch marks… I have terrible freakin’ stretch marks on lower abdominal section, almost makes getting a 6-pack not even worth it, but I guess 6 pack stretch marks are more attractive than flabby stretch marks hahaha.

Pendaz11 says:

is ryan seriously 78KG? at 5”11?

cm1315yo says:

dem lats

Fit Media Channel says:

Ryan goes through his whole diet, including in the prep for a photo shoot, in his ‘Cover Model Conditioning’ series for sale at the MyVideoPT website.

Raz Buchnik says:

how often do you eat?

iceloop26 says:

I’m trying to get my abs to popout, I’m 188cm and 90 kgs now, I wasn 97 kg about a month ago.
What should I do to get my abs to show, should I put more effort into doing heavy weights into my core or should I do more calorie burning excercises ? (running)

Zachary Oldershaw says:

Soon this will be me :P

Ayyadi Hamza says:

Performance enhancing drugs are for high grade professional B O D Y B U I L D E R S not for fitness models these can acheive a nice looking and finished body with hardwork as was pointed by the admin . god how many times should i repeat this -__-

TheFinal88 says:

His physique is definitely attainable naturally.

ellkatt2010 says:


Holtii14 says:

all about clean eating. single ingredient foods, nothing processed, minimal sugar and sat/trans fat. Complex carbs, whole protein, veg, and good healthy fats. its really quite simple :)

Fit Media Channel says:

You should name names. But not on my channel, thank you. Name names on your own channel, and see who gets sued.

suplegend says:

lol sponsered athlets are often talkt into taking roidz to look better so thats a bad arrgument..

Fit Media Channel says:

He’s just taken part in a tested competition where they do a urine test, same system as the Olympics. And before you say ‘those tests can be ducked’, Ryan’s also a sponsored athlete. He wouldn’t risk his sponsorship by cheating. His physique is about symmetry and conditioning – all achievable naturally, but with hard work.

Jakarta123 says:

no disrespect or hating but just pure curiosity , is he on roids?

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