Whole Foods Recipe: Kid Friendly 5-Minute Vegan Breakfast Burrito

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Visit CleanCuisineandMore.com for more details. In our house mornings arent one bit relaxing and they certainly arent anything like the commercials I see of all these happy, organized familys eating a sit down breakfast together. Instead, the hospital starts calling or Andys pager starts beeping around 5 am He then throws on his scrubs and races out the door. Im not a morning person so it usually takes me till around 6:00 to force myself out of bed. I then stumble to the coffee maker. While drinking my coffee I try to multi-task by unloading the dishwasher, making the beds, doing a load of laundry, etc. Three days a week I workout and the other days I try to get computer work done before Blake wakes up. I then have to hop in the shower and scramble to get dressed. As Im racing to blow-dry my hair Blake usually wakes up. First thing he always says is, Im hungry. By this time Im already totally flustered by how much Ive tried to cram into my morning and we only have about 20 minutes before its time to get him to school. And of course no matter how organized I try to be the night before theres always a morning crisis of some sort (homework that cant be located, matching socks that cant be found, after-school sports equipment missing, etc.) Anyway, breakfast has to be FAST and easy. The recipe below is one Blake recently came up with (its so basic Im not even sure you can call it a recipe!). But, its a great example of how simple whole foods clean eating can be in the real


TheNitromeKid says:


TheNitromeKid says:

I made it and it was gross!

pinka0688 says:

too cute… lol

MissSuperFitness says:

this is so freakin cute ;) he’s so confident on camera!! Very cool vid.

asiflegend says:

I made it and it was diskustin

Tammy Reynolds says:

Haha!! Smwuukers! Lol good vid btw 

TheFOIBOS says:


nossebr says:

what is that accent?

live42dayk1 says:

He is so effing cute. Nice seeing kids do healthy eating videos.

boonavite says:

OMG!so cute

Shaela Mason says:

Hes so cute :3

Shaudu1 says:

He was too handsome, I love this kid sense of humor, now I am want one of those burritos, I have found me something new, I love it, I am going to try these snacks, thank you so much. Look at here this isn’t my first comment, how come I feel like this is the first time I saw this video?

FaithFading says:

So cute! :)

nexypointy says:

i’m 23, and i’m feeling embarrassed..lol

perla cabral says:

little cutie i’ll eat anything he makes

zitnex08 says:

how cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!

just4fun9991 says:

5 minutes bwekfest!! So cute!! :)

Dragonladyreef says:

He is sooooo CUTE! I am going to have to make that recipe for my husband. He likes apples and peanut butter.

isis Sandoval says:

My mom makes my breakfast and luch but she makes it ahead of time

SallowedSkies says:

Cute kid! this is an excellent idea, can’t wait to try it :)

sweetgirl94949 says:

Aw what a cutie

veganexposed says:

Love it!!!!!

TheNinjaDanny says:


TheNinjaDanny says:


LuxoA113 says:

Hey Calvin where’s Hobbes?

YenieD13 says:

He’s so cute! This is super easy for kids too

ekwrocks says:

were prob. gonna needs 2 scoops, yeah we are gonna use 2 scoops, lol this made my night luved it!!

Ozziechikk mia says:

arghhhhh i could just eat this kid up with a spoon, how adorable! You’ve done a great job mum =) hopefully a famous chef in the making…personality to boot

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