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Santa Fe Food & Travel Guide

Santa Fe Food and Travel Guide

Where has the summer gone? I promised you this guide to Santa Fe, New Mexico on Instagram two months ago. We flew off to Santa Fe the day after we got married for a short honeymoon. We wanted a relaxed atmosphere, beautiful scenery, nice weather, and great food, and we found it all in Santa Fe.

We fell in love with Santa Fe’s color scheme, starting with its expansive blue sky and the adobe buildings that blend into the desert landscape. Santa Fe’s multicultural history, with strong Native American, Spanish and Mexican influences, is evident everywhere from the architecture to the food. We loved the fresh Southwestern cooking style and could not get enough green chiles.

I’ve been tossing around the idea of travel guides like these for a while. I rely on similar guides when planning trips and always take notes on our favorite meals afterward. Why keep all my research and notes to myself? Please let me know if you’d like to see more of them. Suggestions for improvement are always welcome, and please share your favorite Santa Fe destinations in the notes.

What & Where to Eat

Tacos in Santa Fe, from the Santafamous Street Eats food truck

Santa Fe is famous for its fresh Southwestern cuisine. They put green chiles on everything, and we loved them every time. Green chiles are hearty and mild, and make the perfect vegetarian/vegan filling for burritos and quesadillas. If you love red and green sauce equally like I do, be sure to order your enchiladas “Christmas” style so you get to try both.

You’ll also want to try an agave margarita, which is made with agave wine instead of the usual tequila. Since we were in Santa Fe for our honeymoon, we splurged on a couple of gourmet meals and I regret it because they were not in keeping with the regional cuisine. I think we would have preferred laid-back dinners at Southwestern restaurants instead.
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