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Taylor Swift’s ‘Lover’ Tracklist May Have Just Leaked & Swifties Are Out For Blood

First of all, we’d like to preference this article by saying–we are just the messenger. Taylor Swift’s Lover tracklist leak details have been revealed, and Swifties are ready to go to war on the internet. How did this happen?! How did this even get out?!

This is what we know. On Friday, Aug. 2–Taylor held a super secret listening party for fans in the UK where she shared some new music and some exciting details about Lover. The album won’t drop until Aug. 23, so the Swifties that were in attendance had to promise not to spill the beans. (We’re sure they also signed a couple of non-disclosure agreements.)

Though fans were allowed to share their experience–they were asked to keep all posts LOW-KEY and SECRET. For example, one fan tweeted, “amazing bops” and “true tearjerkers.” One Swiftie shared that Taylor told them “All Too Well” is one of her all-time favs while another said, one song from Lover made them cry “almost uncontrollably.” As you can see–everyone kept it cute and quiet.

After the listening session, the fans were gifted with some major swag including heart-shaped cookies and multi-colored Rice Krispy treats baked by Taylor herself, and Lover tote bags and pins that said “Lover Secret Sessions 2019. Unfortunately, one fan (or nemesis) has probably ruined things for everyone.

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Just days after the listening season –the entire tracklist for Lover has allegedly leaked online. A random Twitter account called @TracklistLover surfaced out of nowhere. The account’s owner claimed they were at the listening session, and they dropped the entire tracklist on Twitter.

Whew, chile –the ghetto.

Here’s the list–allegedly.

1) I Forgot You Existed
2) Cruel Summer
3) Lover
4) The Man
5) The Archer
6) I Think He Knows
7) The Americana and The Heartbreak Prince
8) Paper Rings
9) Cornelius Street
10) Soon You’ll Get Better (feat. Dixie Chicks)
11) Death By A Thousand Cuts
12) London Boy
13) False God
14) You Need To Calm Down
15) Afterglow
16) ME! (feat. Brendon Urie of Panic! At The Disco)
17) It’s Nice To Have A Friend
18) Daylight

Obviously, Swifties are not having it! One fan tweeted, “REPORT THIS ACC. @TracklistLover ‘SECRET’ SESSIONS DONT DESERVE TO PEOPLE LIKE U FUXK U.” Another wrote, “Swifties @TracklistLover should be arrested. I have done my research and she is breaking British laws about copyright. Oh sis you got a big storm coming. We are gonna raise hell.”

The account was suspended almost immediately. However, in their meltdowns–Swifties kind of confirmed this is indeed the tracklist.

taylor swift lover leaked tweets Taylor Swifts Lover Tracklist May Have Just Leaked & Swifties Are Out For Blood

Image: Twitter.

Now, someone has hopped on Reddit to confirm the list as well. They’ve said that the list is accurate except for Track 9. Apparently, the song is titled “Cornelia Street” and not “Cornelius Street“.  They also claim that order of the tracklist is also wrong since Taylor played the songs out of order at the listening session.

taylor swift lover leak reddit Taylor Swifts Lover Tracklist May Have Just Leaked & Swifties Are Out For Blood

Image: Reddit.

Whelp–don’t shoot the messenger, we all know who “London Boy” is about anyway.