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39 of the Best Keto Party Foods Everyone (Including Kids) Will Enjoy

Who says you can’t continue to be the best host or hostess even on a keto-friendly diet? Continue to be you and share some of the best keto party foods with your guests. From healthy keto versions of classic party foods like burgers and onion rings to keto dips your entire friends and family will love, this list has you covered. 

When it comes to a keto-party, there’s no shortage of things you can put on the table. Here is a list of the ultimate keto-friendly foods you’ll want to serve:

  1. Cut up veggies
  2. Olives
  3. Roasted olives (in any spice you like)
  4. Pepperoni sticks
  5. Pepperoni slices
  6. Deviled eggs
  7. Hard-boiled eggs
  8. Nitrate-free deli meats
  9. Whisps 
  10. Cloud bread 
  11. Fathead pizza (the kids will love this!)
  12. Low-carb copycat popcorn
  13. Cooked bacon strips for dipping
  14. Beef jerky
  15. Chicken jerky
  16. Homemade guacamole
  17. Pork rinds
  18. Hot peppers
  19. Cheese
  20. Cheese straws
  21. Bacon-wrapped jalapeno poppers
  22. Keto Buffalo Chicken Dip
  23. Salmon Party Rolls
  24. Almonds
  25. Pecans
  26. Macadamia Nuts
  27. Dark Chocolate 
  28. Caesar Salad Dressing as dip
  29. Poppy Salad Dressing as dip
  30. Blue Cheese Salad Dressing as dip
  31. Oven-baked, no-carb chicken wings
  32. Beef ribs
  33. Pork ribs

You can choose from anything on our Best Keto snacks list too! And don’t forget the desserts and drinks! You can have your party and eat Keto too! 

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