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6 of the Best Keto Bread Recipes Around

When I first started Keto, one of the things I thought I would have to give up forever was bread! And, trust me, I tried some of the quick bread or keto bread recipes that were not that great! When I first discovered this amazing keto bread recipe, it got me thinking — maybe I can have bread again! 

On our list today, we have a killer keto bagel recipe (tastes just like the real thing) and two quick, a cheesy biscuit recipe and a dinner roll you’ll really enjoy.

I want you to enjoy bread again! So here are some of my other favorite bread recipes that I’ve made and enjoy: 

The Amazing Keto Buns from Diet Doctor

These little buns are great for hamburger nights and will rock your world. I love to add the everything bagel spice to the top and make a batch of these at least once a week. I even serve this to non-keto followers with rave reviews. They freeze nicely too, so if you’re feeling productive, make a few batches and pull out of the freezer when ready. 

Keto Cloud Bread

Cloud bread has got to be one of the best things that has ever been invented. Made from whipping egg whites and baking in the oven, cloud bread is a great Keto alternative to your daily sandwich bread and doesn’t taste eggy at all. I love making a batch and letting my family go to town on their cloud bread sandwiches loading them up with nitrate-free lunchmeats, lettuce, tomatoes, onions,  mustard, pickles — sounds good, right?

Did Someone Say Chaffle?

In my favorite Keto Facebook group lately, the chaffle is such a hot topic. What is a chaffle? It’s an eggy, low-carb ‘waffle’ that can be used to replace bread for sandwiches, burgers, chicken burgers, salmon burgers and is usually made with eggs and cheese in a waffle iron. There’s a ton of chaffle recipes out there, but I like this one from Kasey Trenum, which tastes delicious and is super easy to make. There are a ton of variations as well, from savory to sweet, even some non-dairy, protein-packed ones that are sure to please. 

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