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Why ‘Everything is Figureoutable’ Is Our New Favorite Mantra

We’ve all been there: struggling to find the time to heal our body through a diet change or healthier sleep and exercise habits, putting off quitting a job that isn’t our passion or ending a relationship we know isn’t good for us. Whatever the circumstances, there’s one little phrase that can help you move from a state of powerlessness into a mindset that can help you take positive action.

“Everything is figureoutable,” coined by author Marie Forleo (named “a thought leader for the next generation” by Oprah Winfrey), is much more than an inspirational soundbite — it’s a philosophy, a lifeline that can get you through tough times.

“We are all born creators with an innate ability to change our minds, our actions, and our lives,” Forleo told us. “It’s a mantra that helps you solve problems and achieve what you most want… [by awakening] your own inborn power to transform and transcend any challenge you face.”

Here are a few reasons why we like it and why it may help you feel unstuck in any situation.

It encourages you to live your life on your own terms

The figureoutable philosophy requires you to define success for yourself: what will truly make you happy? What are your unique skills, desires, and dreams? How can you make a positive impact in the world, with the experiences, resources, relationships, and passions you already have? Once you’ve learned how to tune into what it is that you most want to achieve, you’ll be free to follow your own path.

It works for everyone, no matter what your circumstances are

In her new book, Everything is Figureoutable, Forleo gives a whole range of real-life examples of people using this empowering mindset to improve their lives and get through challenging and disadvantaged circumstances. (The mantra Forleo shows isn’t just for the privileged few too.)

It can help you make peace with the things you can’t (or won’t) change

There’s something incredibly freeing about letting go of all of the “should-dos” that hover eternally on our to-do lists. Forleo reminds us to spend our energy wisely and let go of things we don’t want that much. She also points out that some things don’t need to be “figured out”—they’re just laws of nature, like death or gravity, or things you simply can’t control (such as how others think or behave). Instead of letting these things hold you back, she encourages you to focus on what you can change.

It helps you accept that failure and fear are an essential part of the process

Failure is something to be celebrated as it helps us learn and grow. Forleo advocates the idea of starting before you’re ready, and making slow and steady progress rather than being hung up on perfection. She also believes that when we learn to listen to our intuition, we can use fear to guide us toward better decisions.

It’s an empowering reminder that you have more agency than you think

Forleo points to scientific research that shows you can train your brain to embrace healthier mindsets that help you achieve more, feel happier, and live longer. “Everything is figureoutable” is a solutions-focused mantra that will help you find a way forward through any challenge. It’s a reminder that you have all the answers you need already, and once you tune in to what it is that you really want, and learn to trust your intuition, you truly can change your own life — and the world — for the better. As Forleo shares, “When you use it consistently, you train your brain to think more creatively, especially in the face of hardships and setbacks.”

This one little phrase can encourage you to stop waiting for something to change before you start enjoying life, pursuing your goals, and seeking fulfillment; it’s something you can do right now.