view post Medical News Today: What to know about ingrown toenail surgery

When ingrown toenails are not treatable at home, a doctor may recommend minor surgery. Learn about the recovery time, risks,

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Autoimmune disease occurs when the body’s immune system attacks its own tissues, mistakenly sensing them as foreign. When the body

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If a man has an enlarged prostate, there’s a good chance he’ll be treated with a type of drug called

Dole Baby Spinach Recalled
view post Dole Baby Spinach Recalled

Some Dole baby spinach products have been recalled due to possible salmonella contamination.

Stem Cells and Health Advances: Where Are We Now?
view post Stem Cells and Health Advances: Where Are We Now?

Treatments for eye diseases are considered among the most promising for stem cells, which have been under study for more

Depression, Alzheimer's Share Home in Aging Brains
view post Depression, Alzheimer’s Share Home in Aging Brains

The analysis revealed a significant link between worsening depression symptoms and mental decline over two to seven years, and both

Too Much Napping May Signal Alzheimer's
view post Too Much Napping May Signal Alzheimer’s

Areas of the brain that keep you awake during the day are damaged in the early stages of the memory-robbing

What TV Binge-Watching Does to Your Brain
view post What TV Binge-Watching Does to Your Brain

If you indulge often, this cycle and the side effects of binge-watching can lead to harmful brain and body changes.

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This Mexican street corn salad (esquites) is crazy flavorful and delicious, made in easy grab-and-go cups that are perfect for

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If you’re like me, the best way to get me to remember to take all my vitamins and nutritional supplements

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Microneedling has been a common an in-office procedure used by facialists and dermatologists for several years, but recently it’s become

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As I lay out today’s outfit, a mini sundress and towering open-toe heels, I’m reminded that my days of wearing

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Not only is this weekend Beautycon Los Angeles, the debut of Glow Season 3 on Netflix and you know, flawless

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Breakfast aficionado or not, I’m willing to bet you’ve never tried your hand at slow-cooker pancakes before. And, that’s fair

Healthy Tuna Salad
view post Healthy Tuna Salad

Healthy Tuna Salad with less mayo that actually tastes good. It is creamy, fluffy and flavorful. Meal prep, refrigerate for up